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The members of Lewiston Jazz, named after the Berkeley, California street the group rehearses on, have been playing together for over five years. Each musician brings to the group many years of experience performing throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

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Norm English (saxophone)

Norm is the group’s newest member, joining in April of 2013. Norm brings amazing power and energy to the band, pushing all Lewiston Jazz members to raise the bar on their soloing efforts. Norm lives with his wife and family in Oakland, California.

Phil Lockwood (guitar)

Phil is both a superb guitar player and songwriter, and adds considerable depth to the group via his ever-tasteful solos. Phil lives in Oakland, California.

Katherine Westine (keyboard)

Katherine is a classically trained pianist/songwriter who teaches privately and at both the Jazzschool and California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley. She established Katastrophe Music in 1993 and is currently a co-producer for Florio Street Concerts. Katherine lives in Oakland, California. 

Dan Callaway (bass)

Dan holds down the bottom for Lewiston Jazz with both fretted and fretless electric basses. Dan has many years experience playing jazz, and provides the group with their namesake rehearsal space on Lewiston Avenue. Dan lives with his wife and family in Berkeley, California.

Andrew Benzie (drums)

Andrew has taught private bass and drum lessons for over a decade. He also sings and plays bass in the Dil Farmers, owns a graphic design firm and runs a book publishing company. Andrew resides in Walnut Creek, California.